As leather straps go, there are countless makers and sellers. However, when it comes to ones that are made by the best in the world (the Swiss), you could count the manufacturers on one hand. Early in its history,Everest Horology Products was able to access one of the best strap makers in the world. Hidden in a small Swiss city near Biel, artisanal magic happens. What was once exclusive only to Swiss watch brands has now been procured by Everest and Jura and is now being shared with the rest of the world.

Many of you know that Everest specializes in curved-end leather straps that integrate to the case of Rolex, Tudor and Panerai watches. Everest’s strap maker has perfected this type of Swiss technology from being in business for decades and becoming the industry leader in watch strap making in Switzerland. When it came to finding a strap maker, Jura looked no further than the Swiss. With a focus on exclusivity, quality, and technology, Jura has begun with a focus on building an exclusively Swiss line of leather and rubber watch bands.

Jura’s first design is a classic look that has been modernized beyond what you've ever seen before. Our Swiss made straps use a special hypoallergenic Swiss made lining and is constructed using only Italian vegetable tanned leather. The hypoallergenic lining helps keep the tannins of the leather from entering your skin when you sweat. This level of material is only available on OEM straps from the finest brands. Even small production custom strap makers do not have access to this lining. Additionally, Jura ensures that its Italian vegetable tanned leather is sourced from the finest leather makers in the world. No corners are cut and no shortcuts are taken.

Jura’s competition prefers to simply burnish the edges of the strap and leave them unfinished.  Jura goes the far extra kilometer (sorry had to throw in the Swissness) by adding exclusive finishing. The French finishing is something that one would see only on watch straps that command hundreds of dollars due to the extra time it takes to make these perfect leather accessories.

When it comes to a leather strap for your fine timepiece, Jura lives up to its namesake of Swissness. Quality and attention to detail are what you will find with our incredible leather watch bands. We welcome you to enjoy our collection of straps that will definitely give you the look and feel you are looking for.

Michael DiMartini
Michael DiMartini