There are a lot of rubber watch bands out on the market today, so why would a group of individuals create another one? The answer is simple: there aren’t really any good options when it comes to rubber watch straps unless you are willing to spend a lot of money. On top of that,  there are almost zero Swiss-made rubber watch bands that are made for the aftermarket strap market. Here is where Jura comes in.

Jura is the brainchild of the team that leads Everest Horology Products. For the last nine years, Everest has been developing rubber and leather watch straps for Rolex, Tudor, and Panerai owners. Everest’s claim to fame is that they create comfortable Swiss-made watch straps that perfectly integrate into the watch case. This unique niche has customers with very high expectations. Over the years, Everest has set its level of quality to an almost unattainable level and has solidified itself as the best aftermarket strap maker in the world, period. 

Today, Jura has set a path to create straps for watches with a 20mm lug width, and we’re doing it with the same production and manufacturing team that has helped with Everest’s success in the rubber strap market. Apart from using the same Swiss compounded rubber found in Everest watch straps, Jura utilizes the same high-end Swiss molding and tooling process that has elevated Everest to prominence. Finally, the straps will be molded and finished in the Jura mountain region of Switzerland. Swiss-made isn’t just important, it is required. Why? Because we require that level of Swiss precisions and excellence for you, our customer.

Additionally, Everest and Jura will share the same design team. The design language with a focus on comfort, moisture release, and aesthetic beauty, will be brought into every Jura design. One key feature with our leather watch straps will be a unique angle. All straps will be molded with a unique angle downwards from the lugs. This rounded angle will allow for a zero break in period. One aspect of any non-integrated watch strap is that the strap puts pressure on the top of the wrist. This pressure causes discomfort and at times could lead to nerves being pinched (ouch!). Jura’s designs will result in no break-in and no discomfort. 

Our initial release will be a set of designs that fit the desired aesthetic look of any watch owner. Our first design has a center mohawk that resembles an oyster style metal bracelet. Our second designed rubber strap has a classic look based on a smooth leather strap. The final phase of designs is updating a classic watch strap design. Jura will take a popular divers watch strap created during the ‘60s using a material called isoprene and recreate it into a modern day heavy-duty dive strap.

The goal is to create a set of rubber aftermarket watch straps that people will use for years to come. Jura can ensure their quality with our Swiss manufacturing backing it up with manufacturing prowess. We look forward to the release of our new designs by the end of 2020.

Michael DiMartini
Michael DiMartini